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Inspired by an idea of consolidating all forms of communication, Indigo Grupa, using an innovative approach, for 13 years already Indigo Group has been offering a wide range of public relation and advertising services to its clients. With ample experience, analytical approach, pragmatism and individual strategy approach for every client, we have the the knowledge and abilities to achieve the best result.

Everyone who already have their position on the market, and those who are trying to do so, owe their success in a large measure to a timely reaction to current trends and targeted, properly planned presence in the media. Public relations nad marketing activities are areas which specifically need careful and expert planning.

For this reason, every serious company, organization or public figure aiming for success needs a reliable partner that can help them create a brand brand, public communication, advertising activities, development of visual solutions and positioning in an ever growing market of new media and social networks.

Our strategic approach goes beyond traditional forms of communication as we are not afraid to introduce innovative and bold campaigns - all this to improve your business and make it special, recognizable and successful.
Our Creative team of experts is here to build the best communication network for You and to carry through your campaign :

sDigital marketing

Web development, professional community management, systematic digital communication strategies, digital advertising.

?Graphic Design

Development of complete concept of company attributes, design of logotype, company colors and slogan and development of book of standards.

^Public relations

Analyzing and defining client's goals, strategy development, execution of all planned activities, results of monitoring and evaluation, reputation management, crisis PR.

;Event management

Planning and coordination of various events, from product launching and corporate presentations to business conferences.


Development of complete concept of corporate attributes, design of logotype, company colors and slogan and development of book of standards.


ICB© – Indigo Creative Branding©, Brand development, Business analysis, Systematic development of buying process, Brand positioning

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